Trip to Piper Aircraft Factory in Vero Beach, FL

A group of ten members made the trip to Vero Beach to visit the Piper Aircraft factory on Oct 3, 2019. We arrived there in time to have a nice lunch in the airport restaurant that adjoins the factory. Then we were fueled up for our tour.

We were guided through the factory and saw all the phases of construction. Our guide was very knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and gave us a ton of information. When the tour was finished we went outside and looked at the sales area.

This area had one of each type of airplane that the company builds, from small propeller driven airplanes to multi-passenger jet aircraft.

Some of our group are pilots or were pilots at one time. The thing that amazed them was that this factory did all of its work, basically, by hand. There were no large automated mechanical devices doing the assembly. It was done by people. An amazing and interesting sight to see.