Safety, safety, safety

What three things should be on the mind of every shedder when they enter the Shed?

  1. Safety
  2. Safety
  3. Safety

A few months ago, a committee was formed to be responsible and to coordinate the various aspects that are needed to operate a Men’s Shed efficiently.  The committee works on those items that are part of the daily operation of the Shed.  Such things as trash removal, floor layout, project resources and tool storage are part of (but not limited to) the purview of the committee.  For those of you with industrial experience, the committee is effectively the “plant manager”.

One task that is most important to the committee and in fact to all shedders, is safety.  Too that end, the committee will be establishing safety rules and guidelines for the Shed. This is intended to be an ongoing project.  Stay tuned for more details.

To begin the committee’s safety alerts, open the link to the short article below that was taken from the library of the Handyman Club of America.

woodworking safety 1