Some notes from the Pres, March 8, 2018:

~  Pipe Dream – Last week I wrote that we had a taker for those pipes leaning against our back wall…the guy showed up and then reneged on his offer to haul them away.  Nuts!   But not to worry, tomorrow (Thursday) a dumpster is being delivered and those pipes will be cut up and placed in the dumpster…finally will be rid of them along with a lot of the other junk hanging around. Stop by and help us load that dumpster.

~  Monster Mahalo to Bill Dixon who just left for his annual hiatus to Oregon…check out the attached photo of our new “Talk Story Pit” and the freshly painted wall with logo and the renovated teak chairs.  Bill you rock!  Enjoy the mainland, we look forward to your return and safe travels.



~  We have a new room in the Shed.  Well not new, but newly named “Da Kine Room”…also a product of Bill’s efforts.  Thanks for the new sign Bob Jewell.

~  Saturday March 17 is our monthly meeting and SAUSAGE SIZZLE.  We’ve been picking up new members so be sure and attend and do some talking shoulder to shoulder. 

  • On the meeting agenda:  Review, discuss and approve the new Shed Safety Rules.   I’ve attached a copy of the proposed Safety Rules so give it a read and add your input at our meeting.   

~  In the Works – We are putting the finishing touches on the Honolulu Men’s Shed By-Laws.  We’ll have a draft ready soon for your input.  It’s tracking to be on the agenda for our April Meeting.

~  Please recycle plastic water bottles and aluminum cans…recycling containers are located in the Talk Story Pit.

~  Are there any cribbage players out there?  Several of us were sitting around in the Pit today telling lies and shooting the sh–, cribbage came up and there are several Shedders already interested.  Glenn is bringing a board…15-2, 15-4, 15-6 and a double run of three for 14. Yea!

~  And finally, we have several floor plans underway to efficiently use all the new space we will have once the junk is gone.  Thanks Gary and Glenn!

CU at our Shed!


Mick McAndrews, President

The Cub Scouts visit the Shed!  March 3, 2018

It was a great day at the Shed.  We were visited by 8 cub scouts who needed some assistance in getting ready for their Pinewood Derby.  They brought their kits and their designs and our shedders cut and help them finish their derby shapes.  The interaction between old and young was a wonderful sight.  One of our members, Ron Bergman, is an avid saw player.  Yup, he plays the saw.  Needless to say the kids were more than curious as Ron gave them a demonstration and a lesson.



Posted February 23, 2018.  Please note the topics in RED:


We got a tow motor!!!  The Mens’ Shed now has our own tow motor.  It will be indispensable for moving those heavy items and skids as we clean up and organize our new location.



We had a membership meeting on Saturday, February 17, 2018.  A lot of topics were covered with a few outlined below.  After the meeting is was sausage sizzle time!

Some notes from the meeting:

Gentle reminder – Hawaii Men’s Shed membership dues for 2018 are now payable.  $25 a year.  Make your check payable to:  HAWAII MEN’S SHED ASSOCIATION and mail to Hawaii Men’s Shed, 350 Ward Avenue, Suite 106, Honolulu, HI 96814 or you drop it off at the Shed on Wednesday or Saturday.

Monthly Meetings – At our membership meeting on February 17, 2018, we decided to have a monthly meeting of the Men’s Shed the third Saturday of each month.  So mark your calendar…next meeting will be Saturday March 17 at 10:30am.  We will be reviewing proposed Safety Rules as part of this meeting.

~ The Hawaii Men’s Shed Code of Conduct and Ethics was approved on Saturday, February 17.  The code is posted on this site under “Code of Conduct” button on the home page.

NEW HOURS OF OPERATION – Wednesdays and Saturdays 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Recycling – Yes we are recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  Please deposit them in the marked containers just outside the Meeting Room.  Funds from recycling redemption go into our beverage fund.

Grant Needs –  As we talked about, when we submit grants for funding we need to ask for specific items to be funded.  Got a few suggestions already including AED, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Dust Collection System and improved lighting.  Please keep thinking of and forwarding your ideas.  Be specific as possible.

Cutoff Help – We have several tall, four post steel tables left over from the previous tenant.  Idea is to cut those down to a normal table height and use them for work tables.  Anyone got a very large pipe cutter?  Other cutting ideas and or experience?  The sooner the better so we can create space for upcoming new activities including fine wood working, ukulele making and leather working.

~  We have the makings of a Shed Reference Library taking shape in the Meeting Room.  Thanks to Jerry Tanaka for donating the “how to” books.

Pier 19, our new home, some updates:

Moving is always a challenge.   It always takes more time to get organized than you thought.  The members have been working hard to get the new space organized and ready for projects.


Thursday we picked up a very large cache of tools and construction materials donated by a widow in Kailua.  When I say large…think three full truck loads.  Chris, Don, Steve, Kavika and I worked to load up the trucks.  Members at the Shed helped unload and begin the task of sorting these treasures.

Saturday we worked to organize our Shed in such a way that the power tools are nearer the outlets and all the items that needs sorting are not impeding our project space.  Big progress but plenty more to do. Way to go Michael, Chris, Jerry, Walter, Mark.


Bill has taken on the cleaning and organization of the Meeting Room.  He actually was able to make a cup of coffee in there today…now that’s progress.  Paint and more improvements to come will give us a nice place to eat, meet, talk, etc.  Way to go Bill!

NEEDED:  For our new and improved Meeting Room…upper and lower kitchen cabinets!  If you find some let me know and we’ll arrange transportation.

Senator Brickwood Galuteria visits the Shed:

Senator Galuteria visited the new home of the Hawaii Men’s Shed at Pier 19.  The Senator has been a great help to the Shed and the continues to support our cause.


Safety and health first!!!

On January 17, 2018, 13 Shed Members completed the 1st Aide, CPR and AED Training course. Very educational and a great time hanging out with members.  Big Mahalo to our Vice President, Jonathan Okabe for coordinating this training.  For Shedders health and safety is first and our policy is to have a certified First Aid member on hand during all Shed operating days.


Mens’ Shed in the news, AGAIN!  Check this out:

A Merry Christmas from our V.P.:

Aloha and Merry Christmas:

Our Hawaii Men’s Shed will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on March 1, 2018. We continue to grow and surprise many with our resilience moving from the Alii Makua site to Sand Island and now Nimitz. I guess that is the DNA for senior men. I am attaching a few photos for your enjoyment. The one showing the Shed (upper right corner) shot from Downtown Honolulu shows our shed on the other side of Honolulu Harbor. (open door)

2018 holds a lot of optimism as more members are involved in the daily activities and more important the planning for the future. We are close to becoming sustainable as few focus on the following: membership growth/development, improved operations/safety, develop projects, seek additional shed locations, community outreach and financial growth. Mahalo to President Mick, VP Jonathan, Chris, Steve, Richard and others who involved in improving the Shed’s operation and activities.

We appreciate all of you and what you bring to our Men’s Shed. Please stay safe and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Mahalo to all of our Shed friends for your continued support of our message that senior men can grow socially and with improved health.

Jerry Taniyama
Hawaii Men’s Shed Association

The MOVE!  It was not easy but it got done!  Moving day at Pier 19.



 Check the map on the home page for our new location.

We’re famous!

The Hawaii Mens’ Shed was again visited by a local celebrity.  Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell made a visit to the Hawaii Mens’ Shed booth at the Craft Fair held on November 14 at Honolulu’s Blaisdell Center!  Welcome Mayor Caldwell!  Want to join the Shed?


Two Craft Days in One!  A great success!!!



The Mens’ Shed craft sales, one at the Blaisdell and one at our headquarters on Sand Island Access Road, were a great success.  We sold some nifty Christmas items, raised some money for the treasury and met quite a few prospects for new members.  It was a great day for the Hawaii Mens’ Shed!

Craft day this Saturday!


From the Star Advertiser:

Men’s Shed Holiday Craft Fair offers fruits of fellowship

Men’s Shed Holiday Craft Fair offers fruits of fellowship

Post:  October 7, 2017:

We’re on TV!!!  Generations TV did a piece on the Mens Shed on their first TV show.  Here’s a link to the Hawaii Mens Shed portion of the show.:

Post September 23, 2017:


On Saturday we had the honor of a visit from Senator Brickwood Galateria.  The senator has been instrumental in helping the shed get it’s start.  The Hawaii Mens Shed awarded the Senator with the Order of the Brace and Bit.



The shedders have been busy getting ready for the craft sale on November 18 at the shed.  See the cover story in the craft section supplement to Sunday’s Star Advertiser edition of September 24th.

Good news then bad news.  🙁

~  Space…Lost!  The good news we got recently regarding space in the Habitat For Humanity ReStore Building did not last long.  The offer has been rescinded as the Habitat ReStore plans to move have changed.   So it’s back to the drawing board looking for a home for our Shed.  Please review all your contacts with “movers and shakers” in our community to see if they can help.  Our time at Snug Harbor is growing short and we need a place to go.

Shedders (posted September 21, 2017):

Here’s what’s up and coming at your Shed:

~   Award Presentation.  Please come by this Saturday (9/23) as we honor State Senator Brickwood Galuteria for his support and contributions to our Hawaii Men’s Shed.  The space we are currently in was a direct result of his assistance.  Don’t miss this opportunity to say Mahalo.

~   Craft Fair Update.  Watch the Honolulu Star-Advertiser this Sunday as they release the 2017 Holiday Craft Fair Guide.  Our fair, November 18, will be listed there.  Holiday Craft Fairs are huge, with shoppers flocking to the various shopping opportunities.  The exposure we can gain from this is awesome.

~   Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  If you haven’t stopped by the Shed recently you’re in for a surprise as there is now a forest of Christmas trees, places to hang your stockings and signs proclaiming the season.  Lots of red and green going on as we build decorations to sell at the Craft Fair.  It’s a great time…you owe it to yourself to hang out with your Shed Mates, create something and have some fun.

Roof raising:



Roof raising at the shed on Saturday, September 16. Shedders Mark and Steve topped off the playhouse with a roof. The playhouse is coming right along.

Posted September 13, 2017:

Aloha Shedders!!!

GREAT NEWS!  We have a Shed for the next two years!
Glenn Sears had a meeting with Jim Murphy, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, on September 11, 2017, and he viewed a very satisfactory place for our Shed.  It is located in Habitat’s ReStore warehouse located on Austin Lane, just south of N. King St. in Kalihi/Palama.
Photos to follow in the next post.
Here is a map:
Habitiat Map location
This is great news and we’re all looking forward to getting into the new Shed!

Posted September 4, 2017:

A new project at the shed:  Appliance repair.  Got a busted fan or small appliance, don’t toss it…fix it.  Welcome to the newest Men’s Shed project group…”Electronics and Small Appliance Repair” joining the existing Woodworking and Bicycle Repair groups.  Come by and tinker and learn all about electricity and small appliance repair.  It’s shockingly fun!  All groups meet Wednesdays and Saturdays 0900-1200.

Getting ready for the Christmas craft sale, it’s a forest of Christmas trees.



Our Christmas tree forest is growing at the Shed.  Next step, just like a real Christmas tree, is to decorate them…Saturday we’ll start painting!  Now we’re on to constructing snowmen.  Join us Wednesdays and Saturdays 9-12.   

Call for help:  We need buttons…any color, shape or size to decorate our creations. 

Playhouse updated photos



The kids’ play house is coming along and will be ready for us to donate in the next few weeks.  Look here for more updates.



One of the great things about a Mens’ Shed is that people from all types of backgrounds and people with all type of talents get together and share what we know and what we can do.  Here is something I don’t think you’ll see too often and that’s a guy playing the saw.  I saw and violin bow is all you need.  It was great fun to learn and listen.

Tool Sale!  August 26, at our Snug Harbor location.


Saturday August 26, 2017

The Hawaii Men’s Shed Association is holding a RECYCLED WOOD AND TOOL SALE at the Hawaii Men’s Shed located at Snug Harbor off of Sand Island Access Road (last left before the drawbridge) in Honolulu.  The sale features recycled pallet lumber (both pine and mixed hardwoods) and assorted power and hand tools.  The sale will be held from 9:00 am to Noon.

The Hawaii Men’s Shed has taken the tough work out of recycling pallets” says Mick McAndrews, Hawaii Men’s Shed Recycling Leader. “We’ve broken down pallets and removed the nails.  The wood is ready to be brought back to life as furniture, yard and garden projects and home decorations.  Various sizes of lumber will be sold at ridiculously low prices.”  

The Men’s Shed will also be selling a variety of hand and power tools, from drills to table saws, at very low prices.   

If you’re a serious woodworker, or just a weekend wood hobbyist, you won’t want to miss this sale and the low prices.  Much of the pallet wood is hardwood disguised by grit and grime accumulated by years of world travel.  A bit of sanding brings some amazingly beautiful woodgrains back to life” says McAndrews

The Hawaii Men’s Shed is a local non-profit community organization dedicated to the health and wellbeing of Hawaii’s senior men.  The idea behind the Men’s Shed movement is to create a place for senior men to congregate, tinker with projects, use their skills and socialize.  The Men’s Shed phenomenon swept through Australia (over 1,200 Sheds) and the United Kingdom (over 400 Sheds).  Hawaii Men’s Shed (a 501(c)-3 organization) is the first Shed to be established in the United States.  Combating loneliness and providing a place to be valued by peers is a positive step to improving senior men’s health.  The Men’s Shed motto:  “Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder.”

If you would like more information, please contact Mick McAndrews at 808-342-0251 or email at  You can also visit our webpage at or on Facebook.

It’s a gallery!  Some photos from the Shed.

Check this link for some photos from the Shed.

Shed Gallery



It was a busy day at the shed on Saturday.  Lots of new tools and projects underway.  Of course there was time to chat and catch up with the guys.

Did you catch the MIDWEEK article on April 12th?

MIDWEEK, the newspaper style magazine found on newsstands every Wednesday, has an article on Page 40 written by Jerome Taniyama, one of our members.  Check it out.  It gives the Shed some great positive publicity.


Shedders, here is the first issue of our newsletter.  Click on the link.




The shed projects are coming together with the first work bench completed.  Lots of skid lumber available for projects.  New tools include a table saw, drill press and radial arm saw.



No fools showed up on Saturday, just a few guys doing some work on two work benches under construction and some work making a new “Live Aloha” sign.  Mick showed up with a reclaimed table saw and radial arm saw so now we have some serious tools to add to our growing inventory.

An herb garden and a welcome sign that have been made from skid lumber.  Any ideas you want to add?  Got a project you’d like to do?  Come to the Shed!


close groupIMG_5474

close groupIMG_5455

close rowIMG_5461



By Mick MacAndrews

Now that we have a Hawaii Men’s Shed location…what next?  As you know the Men’s Shed concept began in Australia and has grown quickly internationally.  We’re the first established Shed in America so let’s talk about how to get the most from it.

The activities that go on in the Hawaii Men’s Shed are determined by the members.  If you have an idea, from carpentry to leathercraft…from computer education to wood turning…it’s all driven by you the member.

So here are some options you need to be aware of, and remember you come and go at the convenience of your schedule.

You can come and work on any Shed on-going activity as much or as little as you desire.*

You can start a new activity of interest to you or a group of your friends.

You can bring in your own project and use the Shed’s resources i.e. tools and space (including fellow Shedders who may have some expertise in your project).

You can just come and hang out, talk story and enjoy the company.

You can do any combination of or all of the above.

*We have three activities getting underway right now…Bicycle Repair, Pallet Recycling and building a couple of workbenches..

Just as a teaser, here are some on-going activities at one of our brother Shed’s in Australia:  Sketching, Stained Glass, Wood Carving, Woodwork, Wood Turning, Gardening (landscape and vegetables), Metalwork, Computers, Leatherwork, Upholstery, Library, Book Group, Music Group, Singles Group, Bicycle Repair and Maintenance, French Polishing and Toy Makers.

So that’s how your Hawaii Men’s Shed works.  It’s always member driven and your level of involvement is determined by you.



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