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The Miami Legend

Dwyane Wade has it made

The Hall of Fame has picked his name.

He has 3 rings and other things.

His actress wife, Gabrielle Union, has jazzed his life.

He has friends with many names, but his best is LABRON JAMES.

Played in MIAMI and in Chi, then off to Cleveland he did fly.

Back together with his best friend, but neither could guess how it would end.

On to Miami he would dash, where in the days of Shaquille he was known as “Flash”.

Back to the playoffs he would go, but he and his team were just too slow.

He thought it over much more than twice, before deciding one more roll of the dice.

With the Heat he would take his chance, but it would be his “Final Dance.”

He traded jerseys with the best of every team.

His collection would be our dream.

His last game he gave the Nets trouble, as he scored his last triple double.

Mark R. Stein, MD