How Shed Changed My Life

Bud –  Although I have been minimally involved, I enjoyed the few meetings that I was able to attend. It’s very comforting to know that there’s a group of guys with whom one can share experiences and simply hang out.

Thanks for all of your effort.

Bob –  I do not need another website. To me, Shed is about face to face contact.

John –  For me the Shed experience has allowed me to meet new people, make new friends, learn lots of new things and have a variety of experiences that would otherwise not been available to me.  I particularly liked the private tours of various places such as the PBIA tower, the Max Planck Institute and the Piper factory.

Steve  – Though I live in Albany, Georgia at this time, Jupiter, Florida is my second home.  Shed has been a great social anchor for me.  I know that when I spend time in Jupiter, I have people I can associate with and meet up with on a regular basis.  I know that when I have important questions regarding my life decisions as a senior, that I have Shed as a resource to find answers.  Shed is a great source of social sharing of ideas, life experience and community events.  Having this association available every time I travel there provides a comfortable and reassuring feeling of belonging to the community.  When I do finally relocate, I look forward to being much more active in the Shed organization.

Dick  – I have really enjoyed attending the Shed meetings interacting with a lot of great guys.  I like the many ideas guys come up with for activities the group can undertake.  We have done things I would never have the opportunity to do alone such as the tour of the Piper plant and the tower tour.  It is also really interesting to hear from our members about their careers and hobbies.  

I think the members really enjoy getting together, making friends and participating in the many activities.