First Aid can save lives

Aloha everyone:

One of the safety guidlines we try to live by at the shed is to always have a first aid person on the premises.  About 20 of the members have taken a first aid course a couple of years ago and it’s now time to review what was learned.  

For those that have taken the course in the past and need a review and to give new members an opportunity to learn first aid, the Shed will be scheduling a first aid course within the next few weeks.

To be sure we have enough attendees, would those of you who would be interested in attending the course please reply to this email so that we have an idea of how many to accomodate.  For now there is no fee but that may change.  If a fee is reqiured you will be notified in advance.

Please let me know your interest as soon as possible so we can schedule the class. Use the Contact Us tab on the home page to send your email.