What happens in a Men’s Shed?

Lots of things! Enjoy healthy activities such as trips to interesting places, lively discussions about current topics, presentations from people and companies providing services in our area, talks given by members regarding their working lives as well as forums to share advice and ideas and most importantly, a place to hang out and have coffee.

Is it an actual shed?

Not necessarily. A Shed is simply a place for men to get together in person or on-line.

What’s a Shedder?

Anyone who chooses to join a Shed.

Who can become a Shedder?

All Men’s Sheds are non-profit men’s health organizations grounded in the spirit of camaraderie and the power of community. As an inclusive space that promotes positive connections, everyone is welcome regardless of gender.

Do you have to be physically fit?

Nope. Our sheds are open to everyone regardless of physical abilities. Seniors and folks  with mobility challenges are welcome and supported.

What if I don’t have a computer?

During the pandemic we are only meeting on-line. You may be able to attend at a friend’s house who has a computer.

However, when we return to our regular meeting place, the Men’s Shed updates are sent through email which can be received on your phone.

Does the Shed collect dues?

Shed members are asked to contribute to the ongoing operation and maintenance of the Shed.  This includes fees to maintain our web site, the cost of our Zoom meeting subscription, creating member name tags, the cost of drinks and snacks when we meet in person and in support of various charitable projects and programs.  Dues are currently $50/member and are payable on January 1 of the current year.