2019 Weekly Meetings

DateEventDescriptionAdded Info
Dec 25No meetingHave Happy Holidays
Dec 18Year end2019 wrap up, 2020 planning session
Dec 13Sara’s KitchenFriday monthly Breakfast Meeting – 8 AM,  2000 PGA Boulevard, located in the strip mall at the southwest corner of PGA and US Route 1.
Dec 11Norm Lieber
Shed Member
Norm who previously gave us two presentations on quilt making will tell us about his day job as a TV director. Jodie Wagner, Community News Reporter, for the Palm Beach Post.  Jodie attended to do an article about the Shed.
Dec 4PBIA Tower VisitA small group visited the Palm Beach International Airport tower for a tour and in depth presentation.
Nov 26PAL Thanksgiving DinnerCabana Colony PAL Thanksgiving
Dinner for the kids
Photos at
Thanksgiving at the PAL in Cabana Colony
Nov 20Sue FittonShe manages the youth facility at Cabana Colony.
Nov 13Chris Hite
Shed Member
He was a pilot and former air traffic controller.  Chris is going to explain how airplanes are guided safely in and around airports and across the country. 
Nov 7Hobo’s Gourmet KitchenFriday monthly Breakfast Meeting – 8 AM, Hobo’s Gourmet Kitchen, 421 Northlake Boulevard, North Palm Beach
Oct 30Jay LeeJay will be discussing the benefits of CBD (Cannabinol) oils – made from extracting CBD from the cannabis plant – and which is gaining momentum in the health and wellness world with some scientific studies confirming it may ease symptoms of ailments like chronic pain and an anxiety. 
Oct 23Genny BernsteinGenny, a Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorney with the Jones Foster law firm, will be discussing various topics important to all of us seniors including, estates and wills, documents we should all have in a safe place and other legal issues. 
Oct 16Joe ThomasHe will tell us about finances and financial planning in retirement.  Joe will be bringing coffee and donuts and attendees will receive a free copy of Joe’s book “The Retirement Know it All
Oct 9Rick Mighdoll
Shed Member
He will be on the “Trucking and Transportation Industry” in which he was active for many years.
Oct 3 Piper AircraftTrip to Vero Beach Piper Aircraft
Photos at
Trip to Piper Aircraft Factory in
Vero Beach, FL
Sep 23Dr Andrea ZotovasShe will be discussing medical marijuana.
Sep 18Steve Tambroni
Shed Member
He will discuss his time in the navy on a nuclear submarine.
Sep 13Hobo’s Gourmet KitchenFriday monthly Breakfast Meeting – 8 AM, Hobo’s Gourmet Kitchen, 421 Northlake Boulevard, North Palm Beach
Sep 11Jerry Grant
Shed Member
He will be the lead off speaker in our ‘what did I do in my working life series.’    Jerry has had a very interesting career that spans both pharmacy and real estate
Sep 9 Fishing TripJupiter Fishing Trip on the Black DogPhotos at
Jupiter Fishing Trip
Aug 28Jen OrsiStretching, Balance and Exercise previously the head trainer at the PGA Sports and Racquets facility.
Aug 21Escape RoomDiscussion of which one to attend
Aug 14Max Plank Florida Institute Visit to the institute to learn about their work in Neuroscience
Aug 9Lili’s CaféFriday monthly Breakfast Meeting – 8 AM, Lili’s Café (8:30 AM) – 10961 North Military Trail 
Aug 5Roger Dean StadiumBaseball game
Jul 24Terry NewtonTerry will explain about Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs
Jul 12Hobo’s Gourmet KitchenFriday monthly Breakfast Meeting – 8 AM, Hobo’s Gourmet Kitchen, 421 Northlake Boulevard, North Palm Beach
Jul 10Debbie Emericka representative from Meals on Wheels will explain this program and how we can participate
Jun 26South Florida Science Center A guided tour of the South Florida Science Center Planetarium –(NOTE;  THIS WILL START AT 2 PM).
Jun 19Palm Beach Sheriff’s OfficeThey will discuss – How to Prevent Identity Theft and Current Scams
Jun 14Hobo’s Gourmet KitchenFriday monthly Breakfast Meeting – 8 AM, Hobo’s Gourmet Kitchen, 421 Northlake Boulevard, North Palm Beach
Jun 12Joe McSorley
Shed Member
Joe (Lawyer) and his wife Sandy (judge)  will discuss the legal system
May 29Norm Lieber
Shed Member
Back in January Norm showed us his very intricate needlepoint representing World War II, Norm is coming back to demonstrate his technique and you will have the opportunity to try it out.
May 15Jen OrisJen (PGA Sports and Racquet – head trainer) will again give us guidance on stretching and balance.
May 1Dr Paul Schacknow
Shed Member
Paul will discuss eye health and cataract surgery
Apr 24Ken GotlibKen will discuss what does a guardian Ad Litem do and how you can get involved
Apr 22Roger Dean StadiumPalm Beach Cardinals and Jupiter Hammerheads baseball game
Apr 17Visit to the South Florida Science Center – new Brain Exhibit – special tour with a $10 (reduced rate) fee.
Apr 3Space explorationWeston Jefferson, Principal Propulsion Engineer with Northrup Grumman presents
Mar 20Planning meeting
Mar 13Organization meeting
Mar 6Pete Marcus
Shed Member
Presenation on photographing people
Feb 13PGA National GymStretching and balancing with Jen OrsiPGA Sports and Racquets facility
Feb 2 CPR DemoPalm Beach County Fire Rescue
gives CPR class
Photos at
Learning CPR
Jan 30Norm Lieber Shed MemberNorm Lieber gives tapestry
Photos at
A Beautiful Tapestry
Jan 23Arcadius PanasPanas computers discussed how to avoid computer scams.
Jan 16 Zoo TripOur first meeting of the year was a guided trip to the Palm Beach ZooPhotos at
Guided Trip at the Palm Beach Zoo